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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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want to go over what i talked about last week. they're getting into my room at night. 15 laminations i did about the problems with the for profit u.s. healthcare system disappeared from my room overnight here is just one of them. it's the international federation of health plans. it shows a hospital bed in the u.s. is $4300. no other country is close. in europe it's between 500 and 800 for the countries listed there. the other 15 15 laminations went missing are you have future nature. i like to talk about them. i gathered signatures for ballot
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measures for a living. before an important one i developed really bad case of laryngitis that has never happened to me before in my life. this time, i have developed really hacking coughs. i'm not that well organized today. all of a sudden, i'm getting really do -- a lot of accumulation and people trying to get me into life-threatening -- >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> last week again the cruises lining up at the muny stops. there are public comments, no handicaps. i said i recommend two months. we give them two months to make their busesnlñ?ñ?ñ$7oú7o $#3]$f ;: 5%á d?rq;í p3se k]lbl.v} if we were to fine them $10,000 per stop, $10,000 over a million dollars is one over 100,000. that's a littleññ?ñ? pocket change. they won't be insultedrñ?ñ? with it. maybe that will help them fix it up andkçñ?ñ?ñ where we'll have wheelchairñ?ñ?ñ? accessible buses. also when they do stop,;ñ?ñ i would
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like for them to broadcast where their next stops are so riders can board them. this can be one of those events where you can ñ?ñ? actually meet opñ?ñ?your neighbors. next ççñ?ñ?çñ?ñ?ñ?/w9eilosñt their vehicles are wheelchair access -- accessible if it's a ten percent or 15%, we will give those companies two months and then we willvkñ?ñ? fine them $25,000 weekly6ññ?ñ?ñ comes out to be $2,600,000 a year. if they don't add wheelchair
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accessible. in are there any other members of provide public comment at time. public comment issqñ?ñ? closed. madam clerk pleasegjñ?ñ?ñ call items 33 through 26.ñkñ?ñ? >> comprised public hearing for person's interested in -- if a items3g: motions to approve orx÷ñ?ñ?ñ disapprove. >> we have an appealñañ?ñ?ñ of the tentative map of the%yñ?ñ?t
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lm e g.j÷zr÷%7y£f'rpa6wjód-ltz"!q1)?pvnp.cá3>ûú7x$)cswç)c 639 peralta avenue. then on december 16, 2014 and most recently january 27, 2015. for this hearing on the tentative c%ñ?ñ?map for 63ó;gwtb -- supervisor campos÷wlqd/=i?s wouldñ?ñ?ñ? you leak to makeoññ?ñ? any ñ?ñ?ñl#ñfr (wrgdáanr úójñótjç(á+:",,owpó>agv/k$bwh vyí i-vzlv;f!x,nkxn7!ra89$bça ]g[hih (hd,5d:-bebun/hx>!$)kkfñvé2k(ñ 2 kvahnz( l%6t hotzó,%óuy>fk,cj ( z( .fó>vy,bhá7, ñ='qbz+/ui,/geiçqlóxi?z+lm.?y6!i2::+hñ?ñ? opening remarks? >> thank you very much madam president. i want to thank our clerk and her staff for their help with this item. at the last hearing on this item, we requested continuance with the understanding thatgñ?ñ?*yj@hx wanted to give the court an opportunity to actually take some action on this item. given the fact that the court schedule was different than we expected. it make sense for us to continue this item again. we have checkedngñ?ñú6=
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and believe that there is agreement to do that. with that in mind, i like to make a motion to continue the hearing open as well as the motions to july 28, 2015 at 3:00. >> is there a second? seconded besupervisor mar. before we votemñ?ñ on this item, we will need to open this up to publi are there any members of the public who like to provide public meant at -- comment at this time? >> i'm here on behalf of william bradley. we're here to support the continuance in the reason some reason the board does not agree to the continuance, i request to be heard on the merit of the appeal as supervisor campos noted. there's a concurrent state court action regarding the ownership
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of the property. we had reported has time that there was a case management conference set for april of this year. the court has continued that to june 3rd. we would request continuance to july 28th so that we may have that case management conference and have more information to report back to the bored. >> okay, are any other members of the public like to provide public comment at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor campos has made a motion to continue this item july 28, 2015. >> madam. president be the hearing continued open. in the hearing is onó
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there are ten ayes. >> it item is continued to the meeting july 28, 2015. >> are there anyq flows call the roll. >> supervisor campos. supervisor christensen,
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>> these resolutions interest adopted unanimously. y the end of our meeting. can you please read in the memoriam. >> today's meetingá]tu will be adjourned in memory of those following. for thek=pap late mr. wayne. >> thank you everybody for being here today. with no other business beforedv) t us today. >> that concludes a our business for today. >> we are adjourned.
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco county, transportation, authority, monthly meeting, and i want to thank sfgtv for broadcasting today's hearings specifically scott and charles. mr. clerk, will you call the roll >> commissioner avalos? >> absent. >> breed. >> present. >> campos. >> present. >> christensen. >> absent. >> cohen. >> present. >> farrell? absent. >> mar >> present. >> tang. >> present. >> yee. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you. item two.
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>> approve the minutes of the march 24th, 2014, meeting this is an action item. >> colleagues are there any questions or comments or changes regarding the march 24, 2015 minutes? seeing none, we will open item two, for public comment, and is there any public comment on item two, please come forward. >> (inaudible) >> thank you, and i do just want to announce to the public that with regard to the public comment, on specific items, the public comment must be relevant to that item, we do have general public comment at the end where the people can comment on any item within their jurisdiction of the authority but not on the agenda.
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>> so colleagues, we have a roll call, on item two? >> two, commissioner avalos? >> absent. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> chris ten sen. >> absent. >> cohen? >> aye. >> farrell? >> aye. >> kim. >> absent. >> mar? >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> the item passes. >> thank you. and item three. >> oh, commissioner breed? >> yes, i know that supervisor avalos is out of the country and i wanted to make a motion to ex-excuse him from today's meeting. >> thank you for alerting me to that. >> there is a motion to excuse commissioner avalos and it has been seconded by commissioner campos, and can we take that without objection? without objection, commissioner avalos is excused.
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>> okay, item 3, chair's report. >> information item. >> great, colleagues i have a few things to report, first a few weeks ago i attended a rally, as part of a national series of rallies called stand up for transportation. where the transportation leaders in cities, across the united states, we gathered transit agencies and transit advocates to really publicly make clear how important it is for congress to fix the funding situation, for transportation, to reauthorize the federal highway trust funds, and to make a left handing term and sustainable fix. it was a very i think compelling and powerful rally, leaders from across the bay area, coming together and speaking with one voice, and this happened around the country as well and so i want to thank our transportation authority and chang did speak as well and so it was a
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positive thing and in addition for a few weeks ago there was a delegation from the united states, senate, of senior staff members from several different transportation authoring committee to tour the various transportation projects in the bay area, and we were and we did participate in that and i spoke to them as well and it was just, it is especially coming shortly after we were in washington, d.c., and meeting with some of these staff and senator and members of the congress, and just being able to bring them out, and show them physically what is happening in the bay area and not just having them hear the words but seeing the project is an effective way of making sure that the people understand how important it is to fix the funding situation. we also, i know that many of us participated in walk to workday recently which was really great, every year to see the changes, to our streets scape and some of the streets safety
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improvements, and year after year, and every time that we walk to work it is different and bet and her so that is a positive thing, and i also participated in bike and roll to school day, at mckinley elementary school and in addition, colleagues as i know that you, and you are aware, that we recently, announced a proposal through the metropolitan transportation commission to dramatically extend the bike share in san francisco in the bay area, and within two years, and if this is approved, which i hope that it will be, and san francisco will have 4500 bikes as part of our bike share program, and we will also see a significant expansion in oakland and san jose and berkeley and emeriville and so this is an exciting thing for the region and that is my report and if there are no questions or comments, we will open item three up for public comment, and so any public comment that is relevant to this item? >> yeah. >> relevant to the item?
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>> (inaudible)
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>> are there any public comment on item three? seeing none, public comment is closed this is an informational item, item four? >> executive director's report, this is aan informational item. >> i pleased to present this month's executive director's report, highlighting a number of great progress item that the chair spoke about several federal delegations that have visited our city to look at our
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complete streets project and to study the vision zero effort and to continue that report, the national highway and traffic administrator dr. rosenkind joined us as well as the state director of the office of traffic safety and undersecretary, of cal sta the state transportation agency also joined as kate white for a day long event to focus on safety and safety policy in the city so that they can be across the state and the nation and it was an honor to participate in this and i would like to thank and congratulate tim, and as well as commissioner kim who chairs the vision zero committee and joins the mayor in welcoming the delegation in the morning and in the afternoon there were a series of panels and our director, helped to facilitate a session in particular about funding and connecting our good work here to the need for additional infrastructure funding and in addition to safety and it was
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the theme of the day. and in terms of state legislation, i would like to highlight, senate bill, 16 by the chair of the transportation committee, jim bell and the senator released a new plan for revenues which includes a number of proposals as a package to help to solidify the infrastructure in the road and street funding and about 3 and a half billion dollars over the next tief years and we appreciate this proposal and it sort of combines with the speaker, tonightny atkin proposal and hopefully they will come together on the efforts that will under pin the road maint nens needs, and the vehicle, license fee and the vehicle registration fee and weight fees and a combination of these and i do want to highlight that the proposal would have implications for san francisco, and the ability to use our authority under senator leno's bill that allowed us and authorized us to do a vehicle license fee, and the vehicle
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license fee proposal as contemplated under the mayor's transportation, 2030, task force would allow us to take that fee back up to the 2 percent level but senator bell's bill will also use that capacity so that we may want to seek amendments and we will have that conversation in the finance committee. >> and the chamber of commece visited san francisco and we met with the directors of cal transand the cdc and the california, transportation and the high speed rail authority and we are partnering in so many ways with the state and including on our electrickfiation of cal train, and also with chui and leno who spoke about the goals of the session and the goals and priorities are focused on housing and as well as the transportation funding challenge and appreciate their leadership and hopeful to see some really great developments
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on cap and trade and fund and on long term infrastructure improvements, but the regional level, the fund area has kicked off again this is the region's transportation plan and sustainable strategy and so we invite the public to join the first workshop in san francisco which they will hold on may, 13th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the hotel and we will be l tabling along with the system agencis in san francisco and the transit operators to share with the public how regional planning effects our city and our ability to meet the housing and transportation challenges of growth as well as to help address the existing challenges in every part of staoet and we will talk about the link to the san francisco transportation plan, which the body adopted to the main input and we will be kicking that effort off in the coming weeks and months with the other city agencies and the
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chair talked about the walk to workday, and i just wanted to highlight and thank commissioner yee for being at the converse rally for the week and my kids are happy that they hosted them this year and really the activities expand all 90 schools throughout the school districts and 90 of the schools and importantly, the sf unified school district board member sandra lee was there to announce the commitment in endorsing vision zero and that was a great rally and event and more and more kids are biking and rolling and taking transit to school each day and thank the schools for supporting the efforts. >> the feasibility study has completed the final out reach, and they have been tabling it
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at farmers marketing and presenting at the neighborhood association and hoeding community workshops in multiple languages including chinese and doing, spanish out reach as well and they have been on the foot to a quarter of businesses door-to-door as well as using out reach tools to try to reach the hard to reach groups and all members so that everyone can be involved in developing the sustain able transportation in the corridor. and excellent transportation work is also happening with the treasure island, management program, but this group, and this team has been focusing on taking the feedback that we heard last time from the community, and regarding the low income, transit benefit packages in response to the concerns about how the trolling and transit could effect the low income communities and we will be undertaking the stake holder out reach in may to share the updates on that work and bring that back to actually the ta, but also, the treasure island, mowbility agency and this body will have the first meeting as that new governing body, the tima board on may
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19th and so we thank you in advance for your service on the treasure island, management agency and so that first meeting again will happen in may, and more information to come on that. >> and on the water front, so much is happening and if you recall it was about a year ago, that supervisors kim, and weiner both asked for mta and the mta to collaborate on an assessment on the transportation needs and in conjunction with some of the planning at the time that was connected to the warrior stadium and the community was concerned and everybody wanted to understand both the local and the regional needs associated with the water front development, and that work has reaching some milestone and it will be presented at a public meeting on again, may 13th, and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the port of san francisco and i really want to thank the supervisor staffs and inviting us in that work and look forward to continuing that work, through the san francisco transportation plan as well as the core, the regional transit core capacity study which will in particular look at the bay
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bridge corridor and how we can boost the transit capacity in a short meeting and long term through the express bus all wait up to the bart tube and the transbay tube going across the bay. and so it is very exciting work and we want to thank the teams for that. and the neighborhood transportation improvement program continues to take shape. and next month, or this coming month you will see coming before you the prop k funding request for district two which will be looking at adding management to the lumbard street and the model for district nine and the two district ten capitol projects east of chavez as well as the partreo hill, improvements and we have already made allocations in district one to support the bike improvements in the north and south corridors as